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I was called and informed that I was selected by the government there was 1,500 people

Jennielynn started this conversation
I was called and informed that I was selected by the government there was 1,500 people chosen to get a free grant for life never have to pay back but I needed to pay 180.00 on a green dot card the. To call her back at the closes ATM so I did she gave me a new number he said he was with the IRS hand need a confirmation number so I did he then told me how much the grant is but there is a problem that I live in Texas and Texas rewired a tax to be paid first I asked how much is the tax I was informed it is 700.00 to go to my bank withy banker in front of me and call him back that he need to verify my information and get confirmation that the money made it to the right account I don't know what to do I'm scared I'm being scammed
Please help of you can
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Honey, of course you are being scammed. The people that called you are crooks and the money you sent them from a green dot card is now gone. If the government had awarded you a grant, they WOULD NOT ask you to pay any upfront fees. The IRS does not call you on the phone and request that you call them from your bank. Don't send them another dime. Not one cent. These people are just trying to get your bank information so that they can wipe out your bank account and then use the information to create false identities. You need to stop this right now. In fact, don't call them back at all. Instead, go to the nearest police station and tell them what has happened so far.and ask for someone who can help you due to fraud. Also, now that these scammers have your phone number, it is time for you to notify your phone company and ask for a new unlisted phone number. In the future, there are a lot of bad people out on the internet that are looking for desperate people that they can steal from. Never, ever give out your personal information to people you don't know and that includes your phone number.
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DO NOT DO is a scam.anytime they ask you to send money before you get anything it is a fake..they make so much money doing that to people you never hear from them again. Sorry, it would be nice. one of the most popular scams.
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Read through the prayers that I have written for others and select one that feels right for your situation. You do not have to deal with crooks who want to steal your money in order to have what you need. God is waiting to assist you.
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Plus, the government does not call us up to give uu free money for life. Scammers think that people are stupid. You say you don't know what to do. Do not involve yourself with these crooks.

If you need money, talk to God. He will help you with all that you need.
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It sounds to me that you are being scammed. I don't know anything about the legalities of how to deal with that, but you might need to contact your bank immediately. Do not authorize anyone to take money from your bank over the phone. Not anyone. The IRS will not call you like this.
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I think you were scammed, you should never have to pay a fee for grant money
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